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you make me wanna lala in the kitchen on the floor...

my graduation party was sunday. yea. erin, sara, laura and burns came. awesome, i have friends. ohh well.

i got a kick ass nextel. well, it's coming in the mail. i'm p.u.m.p.e.d, pumped. i also bought 17 pair of victoria secret undies within the past two days. my mom's making me clean out my lingerie chest with my four drawers of undies in it. booo.

i took my placement test for school yesterday. did poorly in the math, yet got the highest level in writing. yea, my essay kicked some major ass.

tomorrow's gonna be three years for my daddy. =o*( tomorrow's gonna suck.


yeah yeah.

yeah yeah.

you drive me crazy.
you just bring me down.

just surrender.


--maybe i feel dorky b/c i am a dork. hmm...
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