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hola senor(ita)

so... life keeps getting crazier.

have you ever needed a vacation from your vacation??

who's getting a tattizzle tomorrow? i am, i am!! i'm sooo scared!! ahhhh! but i'm sure it'll be awesome.

in the last month i brought home a kitten from a farm and brought it back to life, named him stinky & found him a good home. his cold is gone & he's up to 2 lbs!

i need motivattiooonn.
i think i might need school?

i want my own place. like right now.
i want to decorate it. i want to walk around naked.
i want to be alone for hours at a time. i want to eat oucecream for breakfast. oh wait.. i already do that. hehe...

alcohol is heinous.
-- look at me when i'm not drunk. period.
besides, alcohol ruins friendships.

i can't wait until my graduation party. i need money and a new cell phone. $$

ahh well. drew's on his way for a slumber party. i wanna go for a ride in his huge jeep tonight. then we'll draw my tattoo. yay!

peace love and rainbow colored sprinkles.

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