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...and if you have only one good friend in life, you'll be considered lucky..

ok, here goes.

i haven't said anything to anyone b/c i have too much to worry about right now. i can't make time to worry about something i don't even understand.

we were fine first period. i don't understand what happened between then and lunch, but somebody said to me, "this is so stupid, why can't we just all get along." i replied, "what are you talking about?" she said you know, how you're fighting with all of them. ok, news flash, i was completely unaware i was fighting w/anyone until i was told. then everything got blown out of proportion. you believed other people that i talked about you. i'd just like to say one thing... why? don't you know who i am anymore? did you forget the virginia you guys used to know? would i belittle myself and talk about the people i'm crazy about just to "fit in"? i think not.

and this whole thing started with a JOKE between myself and the person who i am never, ever serious with. except for the times i've said "we had theee most fun ever that night!" i don't understand how this is so complicated now. i was okay with the fact of everyone being friends, not feeling left out from the occasions i didn't go to. but now, i kinda do. the thing that got me a bit upset was the fact that we all have to go to the beach together in two, yes two months. the three of you are fine and dandy and then you have me. not invited to the festivities tomorrow night. i know there's not tons of room... but it's a little odd... you 3, which are staying at the shore together, without me. not even a little "what are you doing tomorrow?" i'd figured since we went out together every thursday night i didn't even have to ask. but i guess i should've. and i guess there is no room for me this time. but will there be in june?

i'm still unsure of why we all aren't talking. hey, the world may never know. i think that's it.. yet i know i'll remember more when i update. i trust my life with you girls and when i have no one to tell my secrets to, no one to drive around with, blasting the darkness and singing boldly, smoking every cigarette in sight, and no one to just talk to.... i feel it. so, there's my plea. the girl who doesn't know anything told her story. maybe we'll clear it up. like pontius pilot said in the story of jesus, "i wash my hands of this case." it's up to you girls. high school drama or the best times ahead. you decide.


p.s.-- oh, and if anyone is out there who knows what i did, can ya let me know? i'd like to know why i have no friends. lol thanks.
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