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lonng time, no write

i really don't have time to write in lj anymore, so i figured i'd take off school today to update. jk jk.. i'm all congested n' shit.. and i need to get better for my birthday TOMORROW.

who's going to be legal tomorrow? i am, i am!!

i can't even remember the last time i wrote. i don't even know if i've mentioned my new beau. he's like something i've never knew existed. his name's andy & he's my lil' country punkin & i'm his lil' country bumpkin. haha we have a blast together. =)

school's been messed up. the senior class is officially falling apart. and.... i'd just like to say to that one person who i thought was true-- i'm sorry i don't look good in pointy shoes.

eff ya'll, i'm goin' to mustang sally's tomorrah. ;) lol jk jk

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