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saturday night & i ain't got noboodyyy...

Ohh my god, like i am soo freakin' pissed!! haha i looovvee white chicks. i'm almost 99% sure my nose piercing closed. fucking aaaaaaaaaaaa. it's been like 4 months & i took it out to clean it really well and couldn't get it back in. then the earring fell down the drain. =o( it suckkedd. i can't pay for another one and i don't want to go through the pain again. my life is going down the drain with that earring. *sobs*

so yea, i'm sitting here with my 12 year old sister watching "that's so raven." haha i'm a L O S E R ! ! it is a funny show though. =o)

we're ordering januzzi's and getting ready to watch white chicks in a lil. i freaking love that movie. yea, my 'best friends' come in from school numerous times and don't even call me. that's awesome. i seriously have no friends anymore. i think i have to dorm in january to have any hope of a life. the last time i went out was over 3 weeks ago and that was once. the last time i drank was before the summer. i'm 19 & that's sadddddddd.

i do have a couple new friends. lol i talk to them on-line. lol b/c i'm awesome. neil is from dallas & he's a loser too. we still have yet to paint the town 'yella.' lol and kyle (jojo) haha is a celebrity on 97bht. he's too cool for me b/c he's 21 and i'm not. these two know more about my life than my so-called best friends. i met them on myspace.com... my new time-passing thrill. you guys rock my socks. =o) (you'll prob never read this. lmao)

OooOOoo. cat in the hat is on, gtg. omg-- what is my life coming to? what happened to my deep entries about my interesting life? oh, they all disappeared when i started college.

peace - love - tater tots. =o)

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