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Let your waves crash down on me and take me away...

i cannot emphasize how badly i want summer to come. no worries... ahhh.

i miss drew.

senior project this friday @ 12:30. thank god. done with the unreal drama world of wyoming area high school.

i really don't know what to say..
early to bed tonight, i think. drew & i napped all day while the rain was falling. didn't get my grad/class day dress. but sleeping the rainy afternoon away w/the one you love is worth it. that's all i really did today. church, sleep, target. i really wanted to go fishing today but ofcourse it rained on my day off. figures...

went to another soco concert last week. it was good. they played w/yellowcard at millersville U. i was in the 2nd row and needed to get out b/c ppl find the need to put tons of pressure on my chest by pushing. it was good/bad. good b/c they definitely played bittersweet symphony and ended the concert w/hey ya by outkast. bad b/c william tell left the band to pursue a solo career, was in the middle of the gym rockin' out w/mom. hey, at least i got to see them & andrew looked damn fine. riverfusion festival here i come.... May 16th soco/ataris.

alrighty, just a quick update. rock out w/cha cock out.

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