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killer cacti and a huge white cock

subject meaning... nothing. lol a little humor for just another manic monday.

so, yea-- i'm back & ready to rumble. Next friday's the john mayer concert in reading .. hells yeah fool! jeez, i'm sure a lot has happened since i've written last. kristyn has been living in nevada and recently got kicked out by her assbitchdicklickingmotherfucker of a father and forced to live in an apartment... i hope she comes HOME soon.

andy is a major part of my life. i only mentioned him once before in an entry when we first started dating. it's been six months and oh my goodness am i ever in love. i'll write more on that subject another time... i'm not real feelin' typing tonight.

jimmy got jumped on friday. he looks like jesus in the passion. damn bastards. they'll get what's coming... soon enough.

i need a vacation. i've been so busy w/my sr. project and research paper, work, school work... all that sh-bang.

oohh well. i slept alllll day, but i'm gonna go do it s'more.


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